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My first encounter with computer science was a P6060 olivetti machine I inherited in 1995. This started a journey through applied computer science, learning several programming languages and developing my own operating systems.

Books like Zuse's calculating space inspired me study physics which lead me to simulations.

I finished my Vordiplom at the Ernst Moritz Arndt University Greifswald and my Diplom at the Ludwig Maximilians University M√ľnchen with a focus on particle physics.

Particle physics relies on simulations to understand the vast amount of data generated by the detectors, e.g. the ATLAS detector at CERN.

For Airbus Defence I contributed to a distributed training simulation, improving network performance and integrating simulation components.

My next station was Continental A.D.C. GmbH, improving back to back simulation and reproducing scheduling behaviour as well as enhancing my knowledge about embedded programming.

My current interests are heterogeneous simulations and market research.

Julian Schutsch,
Diplom physicist,
Software engineer

Phone: +49 171 5681 548

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